Flash Delirium

“Flash Delirium”

Single by MGMT

from the album Congratulations

March 23, 2010

Digital download

Psychedelic pop, progressive rock, indietronica, synthpop



Andrew VanWyngarden, Ben Goldwasser

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“Flash Delirium”
“Siberian Breaks”

“Flash Delirium” is a song released by the American psychedelic rock band MGMT on their second album Congratulations. It was the first single to be released from the album and was originally referred to as a “taster” before the band abandoned their original plan to not release any singles from Congratulations in order to solidify its existence as a singular body of work.[1] A free digital download of the song was given away on the band’s official website.[2][3] “Flash Delirium” was made available as a digital download from iTunes on March 24, 2010.[4]
On this album Andrew Vanwyngarden expresses his feelings towards social networking in the song ‘Flash Delirium’ and directly references to a popular site with the line “stab your Facebook.” He expands on this in an interview with online magazine Coup De Main stating his disgust at the distraction it causes from real life. “It’s just this weird little world which is fueled by vanity and looking at pictures of yourself.”[5]
Sonic Boom commentary of the track, before the Congratulations sessions at the Blanker Unsinn Studio on 2010: “The natives go all Dance-hall Stomp as something strange in the water forces a Flash time Strobo-cop emanation of the will. Delusion Extrucion.”[6]


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Many critics praised “Flash Delirium” for its adventurism and distinct clash of styles. Rolling Stone magazine said it “ultimately keeps building until it explodes into a rapturous harmony, breaking into full-out thrash in its waning seconds.”[7] Pitchfork Media said the song “features flutes, horns, and about seven different sections that reference doo-wop, old school rock’n’roll, electro balladry, Ariel Pink-style lo-fi, wall-of-Spector pop, and the Beatles at their most high. All in four minutes and sixteen seconds!”[2] “Flash Delirium” was also described as a “psychedelic trip.”[3]
Used in the EA Sports soccer game FIFA 11. MGMT’s Kids was also used in FIFA 09.
Music video[edit]
The video for “Flash Delirium,” directed by Andreas Nilsson,[8] “lends a visual clue into