Coconuts Musume

Coconuts Musume

Coconuts Musume in concert, 2002.
From left to right, Mika Todd, Ayaka Kimura, Lehua Sandbo.

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Coconuts Musume Ayaka




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Sony Music Entertainment Japan

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Morning Musume
Hello! Project shuffle units


Past members

Ayaka Kimura
Mika Todd
Lehua Sandbo
Danielle DeLaunay
April Barbaran
Chelsea Ching

Coconuts Musume (ココナッツ娘。, Kokonattsu Musume.?) was a group from Hello! Project that was formed and promoted as the “girls from Hawaii.” After nine years, the group officially disbanded when Ayaka Kimura graduated from Hello! Project.[1][2]


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1998–2008 – Ayaka Kimura (木村 絢香?, Leader)
1998–2004 – Mika Todd
1998–2001 – Danielle DeLaunay
1998–2000 – Chelsea Ching
1998–2000 – April Barbaran
2000–2002 – Lehua Sandbo

While in Hawaii, Tsunku’s fellow band-mate from Sharam Q, Makoto, discovered the five girls who were to become Coconuts Musume. He had requested that Tsunku pick up the act, and in 1999, Coconuts Musume debuted on a Japanese television program, Asayan.
The group originally consisted of Ayaka Kimura, Mika Todd, Chelsea Ching, Danielle DeLaunay, and April Barbaran, with Chelsea taking lead vocals. After two singles, Chelsea and April left the group due to the difficulties of adjusting to life as a J-pop idol (neither spoke any Japanese when the group was formed) and to pursue other careers, such as modeling.
Lehua Sandbo was then recruited as a member, and the group made two more singles until DeLaunay, who also had difficulties adjusting, left to pursue a career in theater. After DeLaunay left, the group switched from the Sony Music Entertainment Japan label to the Zetima label. Between “Watashi mo ‘I Love You'” of Sony Music Entertainment Japan and “Jōnetsu Yuki Miraisen” of Zetima, sales increased by almost a quarter according to Oricon charts.
After one more single, Sandbo, too, retired from the group, went on to the American pageant circuit, and eventually married and gave birth to a daughter. The remaining duo, Todd and Kimura, never released anything else under the Coconuts Mus