Johannesburg Regiment

Johannesburg Regiment

1 July 1951 to present

 South Africa


 Republic of South Africa
 Republic of South Africa


 South African Army
 South African Army


One Battalion

Part of

South African Infantry Formation
Army Conventional Reserve

Fortiter et Recte (With Valour and Justice)

1 March (Regimental Day)


Officer Commanding
Lt Col D Motsemai

Honorary Colonel
Col John Wilson

Regimental Sgt Major
CWO Jan Oosthuisen


Company level Insignia

SA Motorised Infantry beret bar circa 1992

SA Motorised Infantry beret bar

The Johannesburg Regiment[1] is an infantry regiment of the South African Army. As a reserve unit, it has a status roughly equivalent to that of a British Army Reserve or United States Army National Guard unit.


1 History

1.1 Origins as Artillery
1.2 Re-mustered to Infantry
1.3 Regiment Colours
1.4 Operations
1.5 Peace Keeping

2 Freedom of the City
3 The Regiment today

3.1 Current command Structure
3.2 Unit strengths
3.3 General activities

4 Regimental symbols

4.1 Previous Dress Insignia
4.2 Current Dress Insignia

5 Battle Honours
6 References

Origins as Artillery[edit]
Johannesburg Regiment has been in existence since 1 July 1951. At the time it was an Artillery unit known as 8 Field Regiment South African Artillery. Colonel J. S. K. Brink was the Regiment’s first commanding officer and following his retirement he became its honorary colonel. The Regiment’s Headquarters were originally based at Auckland Park, where the current SABC offices are situated.
Re-mustered to Infantry[edit]
In February 1960, 8 Field Regiment disbanded and the unit officially became known as Johannesburg Regiment and was re mustered as an Infantry Regiment.
Regiment Colours[edit]
In May 1962 the Johannesburg Municipality agreed that the Regiment could use the Municipal Coat of Arms as their Unit Emblem. Some minor changes were however done to the coat of arms, namely, the two sable antelope that acted as the supporters being replaced with two F.N. Rifles to give it a military touch. With this, the Regiment made history by being the first unit that used an F.N. Rifle in its armorial bearings. A badge that consists only of the shield, was also included. The motto is on a braid in Latin wording “Fortiter Et Recte” which means “With Valour and Justic